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  EMISSION DU 15/05/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 post ghost gold teeth absolute dystopia autoproduction

2 death bag devil´s curse death bag swish swash

3 malflora emergent mama i´m bad thrilling living

4 tvivler maend der hader hyr kilogram fysisk format

5 wombo backflip fairy rust autoproduction

6 ringing habit tripsitter candlepin

7 joetsu shore long plastic hallway stranded autoproduction

8 mouthparts stupid guy v:a zestworld retreat: new music from hatch & friends vol. 2 hatch

9 swordbreaker furious charge demo heavenly cult

10 volk soup billionaire billionaire autoproduction

11 camel moon hello you still there? autoproduction

11 naja naja running dog, floating elephant naja naja wharf cat

12 editrix hieroglyphics editrix ii: editrix goes to hell exploding in sound

13 cronies million dollar mutt slow wrist, grave shift label of goods

14 tvivler ex-mediem af menneskeheden kilogram fysisk format

15 malflora diaspora mama i´m bad thrilling living

17 sereias dinheiro sereias lovers & lollypops

18 centre el muusa pilot on board purple stones sulatron

19 finley ondioline parsec different autoproduction

20 jesse fellows he speeds springtime sunshine b/w he speeds autoproduction

21 mitraille house paint ad mitraille belly button

22 spread joy spa schedule ii feel it

23 snooper xerox town topic erste theke tontraeger

24 traams breathe personal best fat cat

25 savage republic nothing at all meteora gustaff

26 cohort b rust 1001 lukewarm usa autoproduction

27 girls in synthesis bypassing konsumrausch own it

28 party dozen macca the mutt the real work temporary residence ltd

29 e breathe again any information silver rocket

30 tvivler livsform pa tvangsauktion kilogram fysisk format

31 malflora mande mama i´m bad thrilling living

Artiste: tvivler
Album: kilogram
Label: fysisk format

Artiste: malflora
Album: mama i´m bad
Label: thrilling living

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