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  EMISSION DU 08/05/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 saloon dion pressure pressure nice swan

2 big scout redwood street massive council sport melted ice cream

3 girlsperm oh the amaranth the muse ascends thrilling living

4 baby fire fleur de feu grace off

5 parlor walls in knots belly up autoproduction

6 brandon dunlap & body of research (here´s your) rotting signal wright on the banister astral research

7 local supervoids genius of the genus can i drink yr juice? autoproduction

8 still/form loyal, like dogs from the rot is a gift hex

9 haunted horses pig the worst has finally happened three one g

10 onira people watching what´s to fear autoproduction

11 pretty average dive in gloom demos pretty average autoproduction

11 full flower moon band ny-la ny-la dirty power studios

12 illicit entity from the womb extended play autoproduction

13 loins mainline mainline autoproduction

14 girlsperm put a flyer in a frame the muse ascends thrilling living

15 baby fire this is a love song grace off

17 ioana iorgu the wife the wife autoproduction

18 famous logs in history cactus pricks fancy! fuzzy warbles cassettes

19 kara delik oh, well tamam autoproduction

20 pink drone afterlife afterlife hip slang

21 jarry mutant cruise control explorations in cheap repetition autoproduction

22 skullture left hand of darkness skullture autoproduction

23 sexual jeremy my first rodeo the real sexual jeremy decoherence

24 spacemoth this shit no past no future wax nine

25 virgin orchestra give in on your knees/give in autoproduction

26 max lampin va t´faire foot sans visage - iii autoproduction

27 victory hands everyone loves a parade braden headphone treats

28 zephir burn smash k-sos land session kairos

29 girlsperm what do i do with my guitar the muse ascends thrilling living

30 baby fire dance! grace off

31 the stroppies figure eights levity tough love

32 alexalone rainbow rainbow polyvinyl

Artiste: baby fire
Album: grace
Label: off

Artiste: girlsperm
Album: the muse ascends
Label: thrilling living

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