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  EMISSION DU 14/07/2024

Artiste Track Album Label

1 tine hill smell like money participant autoproduction

2 pack rat pure trash life´s a trap drunken sailor

3 teens please stop holding on so tight teens no sleep

4 vacuist orest mercator / 16am lacerations // strains autoproduction

5 tony jay the darkest corner knife is but a dream paisley shirt

6 dustbunny texas stadium 2021 texas stadium 2021 autoproduction

7 swamp wife culture crust culture crust lace

8 docents a reasonable man the salamander / a reasonable man ten tremors

9 tarmac konnichiwa // the penny gaff

10 soft bait no bad days no bad days autoproduction

11 some nobodies no cierran los ojos some nobodies catbird music

12 kick the cage the cage dischi sotterrranei

13 julie clairbourne practice clairbourne practice atlantic

14 beastii evil eye follower autoproduction

15 teens ghb teens no sleep

16 vacuist red hands lacerations // strains autoproduction

17 penny rich fundamentals on and on autoproduction

18 phantasma krautrockbär das erste phantasma mono mono

19 cairo jag tides tides jag castle

20 fake fruit más o menos mucho mistrust carpark

21 hauspoints hear no, see no eel feeling crackedankles

22 small pleasures limits limits autoproduction

23 spectres nice knowing you nice knowing you autoproduction

24 shitnoise brown morning i cocked my gun and shot my best friend cruel nature

25 american motors the former mall anchor store call center blues content the ghost is clear

26 driver driver drive god is a romba killing men with machines. autoproduction

27 vacuist tarpit (feat. ben zucker) lacerations // strains autoproduction

28 teens how old are you? teens no sleep

Artiste: vacuist
Album: lacerations // strains
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: teens
Album: teens
Label: no sleep

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