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  EMISSION DU 01/10/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 choncy default default feel it

2 duvet sweaty dog girlcow / sweaty dog fear of missing out

3 the kidney flowers kissed a policeman burn your furniture never found

4 flooding run silhouette machine the ghost is clear

5 seablite frozen strawberries lemon lights mt. st. mtn.

6 capsuna horrorscope capsuna autoproduction

7 hooper crescent late night tv essential termors spoilsport

8 heavy lungs angle grinder all gas no brakes autoproduction

9 plot eye decay the revenge mpls ltd

10 wych elm burnt at the stake burnt at the stake black dog

11 untitled (halo) el pardo freestyle towncryer autoproduction

12 julie catalogue catalogue autoproduction

13 media puzzle on the piss on the piss autoproduction

14 alarms defence wounds underwater autoproduction

15 the kidney flowers mutiny burn your furniture never found

16 flooding transept exit silhouette machine the ghost is clear

17 diesel cindy chieftains spill the dirt sound effect

18 the pink frosts yarbles unremarkable product autoproduction

19 equal parts i can´t forget about it equale parts ep autoproduction

20 three quarter skies on fire on fire sonic cathedral

21 cathode ray eyes have you ever been there have you ever been there autoproduction

22 luggage nowhere hand is bad amish

23 girls in synthesis i know no other way die leere hound gawd!

24 jetstream pony sixes and sevens sixes and sevens / into the sea spinout nuggets

25 kara delik matilda singularities iii autoproduction

26 keg quip quash quip quash alcopop!

27 stalled glacial patience glacial patience autoproduction

28 mope city laminating the classics population: 4 tenth court

29 louse macabre wet work industrial coast

30 the kidney flowers grass & trees burn your furniture never found

31 flooding silver guilt silhouette machine the ghost is clear

Artiste: the kidney flowers
Album: burn your furniture
Label: never found

Artiste: flooding
Album: silhouette machine
Label: the ghost is clear

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