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  EMISSION DU 22/05/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 big cream avrah kadabra hanging we were never being boring collective

2 rouge i don´t wanna listen to you rouge phantom

3 fat earthers social distancing bored autoproduction

4 slow glows daydreamer but what do i know autoproduction

5 chronophage summer to fall chronophage post present medium

6 horsegirl dirtbag trains formation (still dirty) versions of modern performance matador

7 brian disease no regret brian disease just step sideways

8 tunic rituals rituals artoffact

9 krause ceremonial aspects of everybody bloodbaths the art of fatigue venerate industries

10 eeyora sock it to ´em jokari autoproduction

11 mope burn parisina mope burn autoproduction

11 black massive sun atlas atlas autoproduction

12 freddie quell routine a document for me autoproduction

13 emptier wiped clean omw autoproduction

14 fat earthers phoney bored autoproduction

15 slow glows paranoid but what do i know autoproduction

17 tess parks i see angels and those who were seen dancing fuzz club

18 oneida i wanne hold your electric hand success joyful noise

19 luna rosa brutal nature brutal nature vandalism begins at home

20 motor!k socrates 3 out of line

21 kova order 666 moonworship nekrostoned underground resistance

22 thee mean reds video nasty spook racket autoproduction

23 batbait talk talk irascible music

24 fugues memories from nowhere bigoût

25 morze event horizon orka autoproduction

26 the wheel workers suck it up harbor sinkhole texas inc.

27 loose articles dirty dicks food & ale emporium chaos alcopop!

28 redwood leviathan simulacrum vertigo autoproduction

29 fat earthers oil race bored autoproduction

30 slow glows in june but what do i know autoproduction

Artiste: fat earthers
Album: bored
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: slow glows
Album: but what do i know
Label: autoproduction

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