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  EMISSION DU 06/12/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 beige banquet wire/weird wire/weird just step sideways

2 fauxchisels get over yrself education or catastrophe die das der

3 kookaburra pigs on coke dry eyes / white mice wagonmaniac

4 firefriend hexagonal mess fantasma cardinal fuzz

5 gary, indiana nike of samothrace nike of samothrace fire talk

6 violet nox selene selene autoproduction

7 shy-talk milkshake & blues reducerer / milkshake & blues box

8 w!zard quick violence definitely unfinished autoproduction

9 jars sick iii forbidden place

10 ceremony my girl ruby candy booking

11 julie kit startjump/kit autoproduction

11 stomp talk modstone you should know linger in someone´s memory with a lurid glow autoproduction

12 ryan norwine firstlooploop (goat is not spared) big guitars ep autoproduction

13 blossy bonad w2w b b 1 autoproduction

13 kookaburra tabouleh dry eyes / white mice wagonmaniac

14 firefriend spin fantasma cardinal fuzz

15 tamar aphek drive all bets are off exag´

17 headshrinkers caught between two stools caught between two stools h.s x

18 shame snow day drunk tank pink dead oceans

19 eieieio picks the losers gentle spaniels autoproduction

20 gustaf design design royal mountain

21 leather image what you didn´ clean freak autoproduction

22 the leontini vernacular anthropause anthropause shore dive

23 trigger cut solid state rogo autoproduction

24 butterflies welcoming spring liar riot liar riot autoproduction

25 eulcid hit by a car hit by a car +2 autoproduction

26 2 lost souls el mundo en una burbuta .....the very last city german shepherd

27 kookaburra eyes on her heels - seefy corner dry eyes / white mice wagonmaniac

28 firefriend dead icons fantasma cardinal fuzz

Artiste: firefriend
Album: fantasma
Label: cardinal fuzz

Artiste: kookaburra
Album: dry eyes / white mice
Label: wagonmaniac

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