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  EMISSION DU 29/11/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 shiny around the edges ally jane flipped out in west wash park infinite ohm

2 silicon heartbeat stab you in the face v/a: silicon heartbeat / snubculture split autoproduction

3 the eurosuite misery pump hot of depress a tant rêver du roi

4 superlove5000 needless s.l. tenderly surrender

5 spotlight kid roller state disco roller state disco autoproduction

6 the sundae painters aversion aversion autoproduction

7 frana hesitation junkie disastersss antena krzyku

8 life savings journey to the end of the nice the remote narrominded

9 paralyzer breathing walls redacted autoproduction

10 narla till the weather changes till the weather changes copper feast

11 mt. mountain aplomb centre fuzz club

11 die schiefe bahn flammen demo billo

12 taxidermy rights taxidermy autoproduction

13 polemics hegemon hegemon beatbuzz

13 the eurosuite tv press hot of depress a tant rêver du roi

14 superlove5000 get some (i wanted to) s.l. tenderly surrender

15 hobby the humblest hobby hidden bay

17 altar wolf cry puddle of mud ep autoproduction

18 it it anita cucaracha sauvé vicious circle

19 salt wound never make it out all the same on the way but never on the way back autoproduction

20 pit pony osaka hard rainfall autoproduction

21 brame les chiens ce qui rôde.... autoproduction

22 youth crisis dog in the white paint roygbiv autoproduction

23 mumbles rock the gutter butterfly muddy blue butter skies kitchen leg

24 eggy simon says bravo! spoilsport

25 spacetrash poladroid isolation station - 2020 recordings autoproduction

26 asenath anyox yellow fever black september autoproduction

27 the eurosuite stimulate hot of depress a tant rêver du roi

28 superlove5000 living clean s.l. tenderly surrender

Artiste: the eurosuite
Album: hot of depress
Label: a tant rêver du roi

Artiste: superlove5000
Album: s.l.
Label: tenderly surrender

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