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  EMISSION DU 13/12/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 editrix chelsea tell me i´m bad exploding in sound

2 dogma caged dogma grow your own records

3 the klubs god slayer cult party autoproduction

4 locean clicking fingers top ten zen meditations artificial head

5 nightshift make kin zöe trouble in mind

6 horse meat scandal relentless energy relentless energy autoproduction

7 valse noot angst utter contempt atypeek music

8 trvss all i need the boiling frog ep autoproduction

9 r. missing darkness, i´ll always be your girl placeholder for the night autoproduction

10 traveling with monika farewell farewell autoproduction

11 ac berkheimer joy joy katzwijm

11 a/lpaca 24h a day abnormous neutral goodbye boozy

12 fugitive bubble losing my mind fugitive bubble impotent fetus

13 knowso 4th wonder rare auld trip autoproduction

13 the klubs year of the dog cult party autoproduction

14 locean twenty zen top ten zen meditations artificial head

15 ohmme we human v/a: ohmme + aubreys (split) autoproduction

17 all ashore! charlie´s mast stayin´ afloat jigsaw

18 global charming curveball mediocre, brutal subroutine

19 bite. boredom never satisfied autoproduction

20 belk japanese dancer umpire autoproduction

21 eyes everywhere the pack a pack of eyes autoproduction

22 sadsack disconnected, dissolve worse autoproduction

23 hello cosmos fuse dream harder cosmic glue

24 tv face new anatomies requeen the hive autoproduction

25 mosquito cntrl american brutality 1 harvester autoproduction

26 laetitia sheriff stupid march stillness yotanka

27 the klubs guts cult party autoproduction

28 locean forever top ten zen meditations artificial head

Artiste: locean
Album: top ten zen meditations
Label: artificial head

Artiste: the klubs
Album: cult party
Label: autoproduction

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