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  EMISSION DU 28/09/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 fait surrender to atmosphere autoproduction

2 gustave tiger desdemona in tashkent at the idyll´s end autoproduction

3 kindling fade into spare room autoproduction

4 pord i´m swimming home wild solar flare

5 spray paint drive by feeling rodeo songs s-s

6 shearing pinx rituals of life rituals isolated now waves

7 die! die! die! crystal swim sounds of subterrania!

7 hammerhead global depression global depression learning curve

7 omsq north sea thrust/parry navalorama

7 30,000 monkies lory´s terrify lab womb eater wife beater autoproduction

10 the vaselines one last year v for vaselines rosary music

11 kindling became spare room autoproduction

11 pord my bloody galantine wild solar flare

11 la pince le chien de conti v/a: petula clarck + la pince split rockerill

11 room 204 non cartographié maximum végétation kythibong

11 orchestral manoeuvre in the dark electricity (factory version) electricity factory

11 a certain ratio flight flight factory

11 crawling chaos sex machine sex machine factory

11 section 25 girls don´t count girls don´t count factory

12 cabaret voltaire yashar yashar factory

12 crispy ambulance time travel the plateau phase factory

12 miaouw when it all comes down when it all comes down factory

12 pord on the couch wild solar flare

12 kindling seen & heard spare room autoproduction

Artiste: kindling
Album: spare room
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: pord
Album: wild
Label: solar flare

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