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  EMISSION DU 16/06/2024

Artiste Track Album Label

1 eyelash with tension eyelash autoproduction

2 irked snakes ep wrong speed

3 top 10 babies shelf life just no heroes

4 corde raide levrier afghan des vestiges, des matérieux, des spectres la face cachée

5 good news orange juice in the shower small forms bingo

6 marcel wave mudlarks something looming feel it

7 neighbours burning neighbours familiar place burning neighbours subroutine

8 new money speak bitterness dinero nuevo autoproduction

9 das kapitans cock das kapitans socks on

10 le massacre toxic a war oh! la corvée!

11 doused asleep v/a: doused / sparkler (split) autoproduction

12 tontea solstice demo autoproduction

13 smush loafofyarn if you were here i´d be home now candlepin

14 scattered ashes they can´t divide us all that is solid melts into air blowtorch

15 top 10 babies please help just no heroes

16 corde raide la noire des vestiges, des matérieux, des spectres la face cachée

17 mildred drifter´s rebirth pt. of things to come autoproduction

18 hello mary 0% 0% frenchkiss

19 offbeatdegradations hhfog fluoxeteen autoproduction

20 blume morning light echoes at night autoproduction

21 slow salvation call a friend call a friend velvet blue music

22 desolat two eldery brothers killed a young mother get sick and let me watch you die reptilian

23 bad breeding temple of victory contempt one little independent

24 bokavoy everything´s been done bokavoy autoproduction

25 confelicity omega pleasure in another´s happiness autoproduction

26 pop hysteria fugue state papa stereo autoproduction

27 l.a. sagne hahaha l.a. sagne ii geertruida

28 long hours push fly house autoproduction

29 corde raide 3 r2 3 des vestiges, des matérieux, des spectres la face cachée

30 top 10 babies the core just no heroes

Artiste: corde raide
Album: des vestiges, des matérieux, des spectres
Label: la face cachée

Artiste: top 10 babies
Album: just
Label: no heroes

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