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  EMISSION DU 18/02/2024

Artiste Track Album Label

1 shadow show vertigo fantasy now! stolen body

2 ekko astral baethoven baethoven topshelf

3 legless trials ghosts of first responders get yer wah wah´s out metal postcard

4 porcelain vanity porcelain portrayal of guilt

5 devon ross mine not yours oxford gardens daydream library

6 kim gordon i´m a man the new collective matador

7 goat girl ride around below the waste rough trade

8 repairs mosaic mosaic autoproduction

9 careen the slice cycle 3 autoproduction

10 lo seal flipper blok / schijf mörtelsounds

11 gustaf here hair package pt. 2 royal mountain

12 fish casper mink coat - single version fish casper and the five hundred pound hat autoproduction

13 neon kittens no hands just beat no hands just beat metal postcard

14 knives doppelgänger doppelgänger hound gawd!

15 porcelain frozen sea porcelain portrayal of guilt

16 legless trials i got shoes get yer wah wah´s out metal postcard

17 lambrini girls god´s country god´s country city slang

18 thee u.f.o junk funk garbage beaming a moments reflection fuzzed up & astromoon

19 traum inner space traum subsound

20 eyesore & the jinx float like a jellyfish (sting like subtweet) jitterbug autoproduction

21 lysistrata feel the shine veil vicious circle

22 maenad & the ravers overload handshold day´s eye

23 brute spring through the window turquoise window swimming faith

24 with patience reasons three of swords autoproduction

25 the disgrazia legend the last song we ever wrote fine autoproduction

26 trans upper egypt 33 no dub maple death

27 moon goose cloud of eyeballs murmurations fruits de mer

28 seven seven temptation purgatory demo autoproduction

29 legless trials sunny get yer wah wah´s out metal postcard

30 porcelain disgrace porcelain portrayal of guilt

Artiste: legless trials
Album: get yer wah wah´s out
Label: metal postcard

Artiste: porcelain
Album: porcelain
Label: portrayal of guilt

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