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  EMISSION DU 05/10/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 blood sister witchcraft blood sister bloodmoss

2 fleabite last call over it puzzle pieces

3 spray paint texas talking powder clean blood, regular acid monofonus press

4 hotel wrecking city traders breath ikiryo bro fidelity

5 humanshapes pulse humanshapes autoproduction

6 mute sinking thoughts postrectum autoproduction

7 the kvb heavy eyes out of body ep a

7 dead horse one by my side without love we perish autoproduction

7 dead horse one teen without love we perish autoproduction

7 dead horse one wicker without love we perish autoproduction

10 headwar hamburger singe touche pas l´enfant et mon cul c´est du tofu?

11 power take off true lighters unhinged made in kansas

11 hotel wrecking city traders riley ikiryo bro fidelity

11 spray paint rest versus rust clean blood, regular acid monofonus press

11 zs b is for burning arms gilgongo

11 qui mucho sex in america life, water, living... cobraside distribution inc.

11 wolvserpent concealed among the roots and soil perigaea antahkarana relapse

11 rabbits lame in vain bites rites good to die

11 arabrot nubile solar anus fysisk format

12 ruins alone schvostess ruins alone skin graft

12 brutal blues skjold brutal blues drid machine

12 albatre vampyroteuthis infernalis a descent into maelström shhpuma

12 child abuse casual fridays trouble in paradise skin graft

12 vaz the 2nd chartreuse bull damage rituals

12 chinese cookie poets en la mano del payaso worm love sinewave

12 shit and shine the germans call it a swimming head küss mich, meine liebe load

12 hotel wrecking city traders tetryl ikiryo bro fidelity

13 spray paint live from camp mabey clean blood, regular acid monofonus press

Artiste: hotel wrecking city traders
Album: ikiryo
Label: bro fidelity

Artiste: spray paint
Album: clean blood, regular acid
Label: monofonus press


Artiste: dead horse one
Album: without love we perish
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): by my side / teen / wicker

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