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  EMISSION DU 21/09/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 part chimp dr horse pt 2 i am come rock action

2 hsy ciber bully ciber bully too pure

3 die! die! die! swim swim sounds of subterrania!

4 burnt palms the girl you knew the girl you knew we were never being boring collective

5 pord bave it´s always sunny here plein de choses

6 drache referendum drache autoproduction

7 the vacant lots mad mary jones departure sonic cathedral

7 wildhoney seventeen seventeen forever photobooth

7 soft walls all the same no time faux discx

7 ultraphallus right models sowberry hagan riot season

10 petula clarck yago wago v/a: petula clarck / 25 // split rockerill

11 philaretordre montagne filet pur autoproduction

11 burnt palms open my eyes the girl you knew we were never being boring collective

11 die! die! die! best swim sounds of subterrania!

11 sida appollo 13 sida ep sweet rot

11 noxagt you were followed by a man from the station to your house brutage drid machine

11 monno ii cheval ouvert idiosyncratics

11 viva bazooka txiki chicano bum! bum! brazil! polit buro recording fiasco

11 auxes dead dead eyes boys in my head gunner

12 fuck buttons brainfreeze slow focus atp

12 die! die! die! jealousy swim sounds of subterrania!

12 burnt palms surface the girl you knew we were never being boring collective

12 bardo pond here come the warm jets looking for another place fire

Artiste: die! die! die!
Album: swim
Label: sounds of subterrania!

Artiste: burnt palms
Album: the girl you knew
Label: we were never being boring collective

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