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  EMISSION DU 31/03/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 metz get off metz sub pop

2 distorminal deadwax hod distorminal deadwax gibbon envy

3 cripple and casino ...and gentlemen with high regards moonlee

4 harpagès onde au moment structure

5 talk normal shot this time sunshine joyful noise

6 in-kata cyanide road thanatopraxis autoproduction

7 kabul golf club 5 minutes 2 midnight le bal du rat mort uproar for veneration

7 volx petite chiara volx katatak

7 heartbeat parade to become louder than horas de los horos whosbrain

7 tire-bouschtroumpf & schtroumpf-bouffon sanglochon mania tire-bouschtroumpf & schtroumpf-bouffon les disques claumer

10 action beat yeboah the condition truth cult

11 organic seeds under your carbon constellation complete control productions

11 harpagès au moment au moment structure

11 cripple and casino f 23 with high regards moonlee

11 honeybird & the birdies swimming underwater we should reproduce la famosa etichetta trovarobato

11 baby blue oh marie we don´t know la famosa etichetta trovarobato

11 samuel katarro pop skull halfduck mystery la famosa etichetta trovarobato

11 king of the opera the floating song nothing outstanding la famosa etichetta trovarobato

11 eterea postbong band tim peaks bios la famosa etichetta trovarobato

11 mariposa ob-la-di ob-la-da best company la famosa etichetta trovarobato

12 east rodeo medezhija dear violence la famosa etichetta trovarobato

12 hey colossus rotated for success rrr riot season

12 cripple and casino not you with high regards moonlee

12 harpagès taïwan au moment structure

Artiste: cripple and casino
Album: with high regards
Label: moonlee

Artiste: harpagès
Album: au moment
Label: structure

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