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  EMISSION DU 24/03/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 peter kernel the peaceful white death black heart africantape

2 teen suicide lonely boy goes to a rave rarities, unreleased stuff, and cool things bird tapes

3 constant mongrel reflex everything goes wrong r.i.p. society

4 valerinne messier kunstformen der natur asiluum

5 mirrorring fell sound foreign body kranky

6 the feeling of love julee cruise reward your grace born bad

7 rungs square sausage i don´t wanna hug! i just wanna cum! it´s stiff!

7 blacklisters clubfoot by kasabian blklstrs brew

7 the velveteens she bops the velveteens (cassette tape) autoproduction

7 lower picture of passion lower (demo tape) autoproduction

10 lower craver walk on heads ep escho

11 lower someone´s got it in for me someone´s got it in for me / but there has to be more escho

11 divorce pencils giant pencils divorce night school

11 constant mongrel in the night everything goes wrong r.i.p. society

11 valerinne mons kunstformen der natur asiluum

11 sauna youth town called distraction dreamlands gringo

11 baby fire fingers no fear cheap satanism

11 talk normal baby, your heart´s too big sunshine joyful noise

11 chelsea wolfe flatlands unknown rooms: a collection of acoustic songs sargent house

11 l´effondras ferrum movendo l´effondras autoproduction

12 constant mongrel felony fights everything goes wrong r.i.p. society

12 valerinne medusa kunstformen der natur asiluum

Artiste: valerinne
Album: kunstformen der natur
Label: asiluum

Artiste: constant mongrel
Album: everything goes wrong
Label: r.i.p. society


Artiste: lower
Album: lower (demo tape)
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): picture of passion

Artiste: lower
Album: someone´s got it in for me / but there has to be more
Label: escho
Track(s): someone´s got it in for me

Artiste: lower
Album: walk on heads ep
Label: escho
Track(s): craver

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