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  EMISSION DU 07/04/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 duchess says antepoc in a fung day t! alien8

2 youvultures wwyvd? wwyvd? ep (re-grabado) autoproduction

3 ventura little wolf ultima necat africantape

4 föllakzoid 9 ii sacred bones

5 amute thierry black diamond blues humpty dumpty

6 sinking suns vicious world vicious world 7" autoproduction

7 plane crasher mouthful of lips plane crasher autoproduction

7 puressence near distance puressence island

7 puressence fire puressence island

7 puressence india puressence island

10 nü sensae tajna sundowning suicide squeeze

11 mutiny on the bounty modern day robbery trials redfield

11 ventura very elephant man ultima necat africantape

11 föllakzoid trees ii sacred bones

11 sightings debt depths through the panama load

11 kruger the ox for death, glory and the end of the world listenable

11 psychic ills western metaphor one track mind sacred bones

11 publicist keep it off the record keep it off the record voltaire

11 vreid wolverine bastards v indie

11 zs mmwi (part 1) music of the modern white the social registry

12 wolf eyes human animal human animal sub pop

12 lydia lunch´s putan club don´t pressure the man live extracts from théâtre garonne´s show, toulouse, france, march 2012. autoproduction

12 clarkys bacon from time to time op! blunoise

12 föllakzoid 99 ii sacred bones

12 ventura exquisite and subtle ultima necat africantape

Artiste: ventura
Album: ultima necat
Label: africantape

Artiste: föllakzoid
Album: ii
Label: sacred bones


Artiste: puressence
Album: puressence
Label: island
Track(s): near distance / fire / india

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