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  EMISSION DU 11/02/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 earthquake party little pet let´s rock, ok? autoproduction

2 cannons i´d rather be toothless than stupid cannons autoproduction

3 rabbits fight right bites rites good to die

4 my bloody valentine only tomorrow m b v autoproduction

5 heroin in tahiti death surf death surf boring machines

6 le singe blanc gru aoûtat whosbrain

7 maher shalal hash baz soldier of leap blues du jour geographic

7 female smell screw no mards demo autoproduction

7 adolina ante lapidem caldeira a tant rêver du roi

7 rabbits meth valley 99 bites rites good to die

10 my bloody valentine if i am m b v autoproduction

11 lock up life of devastation necropolis transparent nuclear blast

11 conan hawk as weapon monnos burning world

11 james chance and the contorsions twice removed buy ariola

11 cortez tempes mortus phoebus basement apes industries

11 these mountains are ghosts they will come to haunt you these mountains are ghosts autoproduction

11 siamese queens mona lisa the first siamese queens ep autoproduction

11 don vito webb2.0 iv tremor panda

11 the men cube open your heart sacred bones

11 long distance calling 359 avoid the light superball music

12 child bite begin the hiss monomania joyful noise

12 hey colossus fire up the tambourine happy birthday riot season

12 reiziger my favourite everything my favourite everything stick sister

12 rabbits what´s going on bites rites good to die

12 my bloody valentine in another way m b v autoproduction

Artiste: my bloody valentine
Album: m b v
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: rabbits
Album: bites rites
Label: good to die

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