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  EMISSION DU 03/02/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 jubilé strange idea songs of the cold north katatak

2 the lovely eggs allergies wildlife egg

3 action beat hass your idols the condition truth cult

4 l´effondras l´âne rouge l´effondras autoproduction

5 jesus is my son des pleurs et des larmes 1914-1918 ff hhh

6 the unholy two cut the music (i´m the nightstalker) cut the music 12xu

7 white mystery people power people power ep perpetrator

7 kent state behind the closed doors behind the closed doors rok lok

7 usssy machete ear whizz afghan music house party autoproduction

7 tropical trash false crypt fear of suffering sophomore lounge

10 wavves beach demon wavvves bella union

11 wavves to the dregs wavvves bella union

11 wavves beach goth wavvves bella union

11 action beat yeboah the condition truth cult

11 l´effondras la fille aux yeux oranges l´effondras autoproduction

11 thee oh sees wax face putrifiers ii in the red

11 paint fumes uck life uck life slovenly

11 lumerians laser barn horizon structures knitting factory

11 psychic ills tried to find it one track mind sacred bones

11 kabul golf club demon days le bal du rat mort uproar for veneration

12 l´effondras ferrum movendo l´effondras autoproduction

12 action beat the dolphin the condition truth cult

Artiste: l´effondras
Album: l´effondras
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: action beat
Album: the condition
Label: truth cult


Artiste: wavves
Album: wavvves
Label: bella union
Track(s): beach demon / to the dregs / beach goth

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