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  EMISSION DU 17/02/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 iceage ecstasy you´re nothing matador

2 catholic spray hustling in barbès earth slime born bad

3 comanechi 24hr boyfriend you owe me nothing but love tigertrap

4 divorce pencils giant pencils divorce night school

5 wolf eyes human animal human animal sub pop

6 dead murder hollow idiots we empty rooms

7 dig i´ll stay high dig radioactive

7 dig tight brain dig radioactive

7 dig fuck you dig radioactive

7 yo la tengo cornelia and jane fade matador

10 ilydaen flavors digressions wolves and vibrancy

11 comanechi patsy you owe me nothing but love tigertrap

11 catholic spray upn 160 earth slime born bad

11 atombombpocketknife gamma rays forever god save the atombombpocketknife southern

11 ikara colt city of glass chat and business fantastic plastic

11 girls against boys rockets are red venus luxure no.1 baby touch and go

11 lumerians wintersong horizon structures knitting factory

11 six organs of admittance even if you knew ascent drag city

11 godflesh i wasn´t born to follow pure earache

11 uv pop uv pop the cellar demos autoproduction

12 tank london 82 kantkino diesel combustible

12 comanechi death threat you owe me nothing but love tigertrap

12 catholic spray bet that song sounds cool on tv earth slime born bad

Artiste: catholic spray
Album: earth slime
Label: born bad

Artiste: comanechi
Album: you owe me nothing but love
Label: tigertrap


Artiste: dig
Album: dig
Label: radioactive
Track(s): i´ll stay high / tight brain / fuck you

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