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  EMISSION DU 18/11/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 slint good morning, captain spiderland touch and go

2 tiny migrants fishpond goldmine fishpond goldmine long gone

3 keel her tired of waiting demos 2012 autoproduction

4 tigon the archivist infinite teeth the ghost is clear

5 tile friend stealer friend stealer 7" torn tendons

6 amour once rayé, chaloupé whosbrain

7 american sun american sun american sun 7" autoproduction

7 die jungen i pray to you at breath´s end lebestrasse

7 die jungen everyday at breath´s end lebestrasse

7 die jungen the sun is coming up at breath´s end lebestrasse

10 where were you at lunch don´t be funny where were you at lunch obei gong

11 philaretordre automne sur le fil autoproduction

11 tigon tortoise goes to burning man infinite teeth the ghost is clear

11 keel her anna demos 2012 autoproduction

11 aqua nebula oscillator lost in space under the moon of... pan european

11 god bullies king of sling kill the king alternative tentacles

11 komplikations connected step forward rockstar

11 led er est la lluvia y memoria the diver sacred bones

11 menace ruine utterly destitute khaos the die is cast alien8

11 lumerians untitled 3 transmissions from the telos vol. iv permanent

12 le corbeau another moment when time stands still moth on the headlight fysisk format

12 tigon descender infinite teeth the ghost is clear

12 keel her i (hate it) when you look at me demos 2012 autoproduction

Artiste: keel her
Album: demos 2012
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: tigon
Album: infinite teeth
Label: the ghost is clear


Artiste: die jungen
Album: at breath´s end
Label: lebestrasse
Track(s): i pray to you / everyday / the sun is coming up

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