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  EMISSION DU 11/11/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 my bloody valentine you made me realise ep´s 1988-1991 sony

2 ... and you will know us by the trail of dead open doors lost songs richter scale

3 metz headache metz sub pop

4 suffering astrid the line lightly descended, grazing the surface netheriser autoproduction

5 singapore sling christmas coloured tears must be destroyed outlier

6 aqua nebula oscillator riot third pan european

7 xyx teatro negro teatro negro monofonus press

7 the jon spencer blues explosion black mold meat & bone boombox

7 bailter space things that we found strobosphere fire

7 the lost rivers all dead (for the last 24 miles) sin and lostness northern star

10 the lost rivers fall sin and lostness northern star

11 the lost rivers city lights sin and lostness northern star

11 tar feel this feel this chunklet industries

11 metz rats metz sub pop

11 suffering astrid continuum (like vowels) netheriser autoproduction

11 lyonnais repeat sunset want for wish for nowhere hoss

11 electric electric neutra tantra discipline africantape

11 black bug tv screen reflecting the light xviii

11 yo la tengo stupid things stupid things matador

11 vitas guerulaïtis ben hur vitas guerulaïtis cheap satanism

12 metz negative space metz sub pop

12 suffering astrid restoration netheriser autoproduction

12 novella you´re not that cool novella e/p italian beach babes

Artiste: suffering astrid
Album: netheriser
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: metz
Album: metz
Label: sub pop


Artiste: the lost rivers
Album: sin and lostness
Label: northern star
Track(s): all dead (for the last 24 miles) / fall / city lights

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