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  EMISSION DU 17/04/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mugstar ouroboros ...sun, broken... important

2 kimmo clac son bolt and biscuit rejuvenation

3 the dictaphone mummers the dictaphone kill shaman

4 white suns first purge waking in the reservoir ugexplode

5 epic45 summer message weathering make nine music

6 oxes crunchy zest #1 africantape

7 broadcast sea victim lost generation autoproduction

7 i´m being good momo won´t eat poisonous life infinite chug

7 i´m being good blackbelt@cold.hands poisonous life infinite chug

7 i´m being good safety without numbers poisonous life infinite chug

10 singapore sling christmas coloured tears must be destroyed outlier

11 das simple nimrod, if you want to see i follow the bombolone das simple autoproduction

11 the dictaphone untitled the dictaphone kill shaman

11 white suns skin deep waking in the reservoir ugexplode

11 genocide organ klaus barbie leichenlinie tesco

11 k-branding astral feelings alliance humpty dumpty

11 gamelan son of lion sleeping braid the complete gamelan in the new world locust music

11 k-branding assenta cultura alliance humpty dumpty

11 the a-la-mi-re manuscripts plaine de duel desprez (josquin) naxos

11 jesus is my son le péché je suis dieu ff hhh

12 noir the approach theme for brutal car crashes ff hhh

12 arklight st valentine´s day massacre teardrop entreaties ff hhh

12 k-branding gefahr alliance humpty dumpty

12 white suns waking in the reservoir waking in the reservoir ugexplode

12 the dictaphone dead beats the dictaphone kill shaman

Artiste: the dictaphone
Album: the dictaphone
Label: kill shaman

Artiste: white suns
Album: waking in the reservoir
Label: ugexplode

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