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  EMISSION DU 24/04/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 black math suck city phantom power permanent

2 action beat burn unbelievable fuck ups - improvised bonus jam truth cult

3 pfisters kavachi narcicity fan death

4 psychic paramount intro sp ii no quarter

5 mon-o-phone i see the great depression of mr and ms phono mr and ms phono

6 elizabeth pistol club my dad invented breakdancing social climbing autoproduction

7 bob log iii clap your tits trike fat possum

7 psychic paramount n5 ii no quarter

7 pfisters botfly narcicity permanent

7 deaf wish hate you mercy radio

10 altar eagle battlegrounds mechanical gardens type

11 deerhoof flower apple o´ kill rock stars

11 das simple coloured food tastes good das simple autoproduction

11 big´n like a killer spare the horses africantape

11 pfisters she´s mine narcicity permanent

11 psychic paramount isolated ii no quarter

11 keelhaul cruel shoes subject to change without notice hydra head

11 bruce lamont year without summer feral songs for the epic decline at a loss

11 les ramoneurs de menhirs if the kids are united amzer an dispac´h coop breizh

11 le bal des enragés guetto le bal des enragés - live enrage production

12 my own private alaska anchorage the red sessions i am

12 the orange man theory meet uncle terror satan told me i´m right subsound

12 jucifer disciples of an expanding sun throned in blood relapse

12 31knots that which has no name it was high time to escape 54°40´ or fight!

12 taïfun blitzkrieg trondheim honest house

12 bear claw 33 mgdl refuse this gift sickroom

12 thank you pathetic magic golden worry thrill jockey

12 l´enfance rouge palais bourbon krsco-valencia wallace

13 pneu autosafe unicorn highway to health head

Artiste: pfisters
Album: narcicity
Label: fan death

Artiste: psychic paramount
Album: ii
Label: no quarter

Artiste: pfisters
Album: narcicity
Label: permanent

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