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  EMISSION DU 10/04/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 black math horseman tyrant wyllt tee pee

2 brain f# symptom set so dim 7" grave mistake

3 kimmo national plan bolt and biscuit rejuvenation

4 tinsel teeth libraries are the cemeteries of ideas trash as the trophy load

5 widowspeak harsh realm harsh realm/burn out 7" captured tracks

6 k-branding blurred vision alliance humpty dumpty

7 white hills dead white hills thrill jockey

7 quickspace quiskspace happy song #2 precious falling kitty kitty corporation

7 novak burning hoof novak kitty kitty corporation

7 penthouse ript´n´happy ript´n´happy 7" kitty kitty corporation

9 action beat dono)))vito beatings truth cult

10 31knots candles on open water trump harm polyvinyl

10 white suns locus waking in the reservoir ugexplode

10 tinsel teeth the warden trash as the trophy load

10 kimmo after the show bolt and biscuit rejuvenation

10 the bitters wild beast east general mexican summer

10 tsuki moon what you carry on the sun will rise again autoproduction

10 julie christmas bow the bad wife rising pulse

10 cercueil known to none erostrate le son du maquis

10 tormenta felure la ligne âpre africantape

11 thank you 1-2-3 bad golden worry thrill jockey

11 volt voice born in an oyster volt voice honest house

11 tinsel teeth a dirty dozen eggs trash as the trophy

11 kimmo clac son bolt and biscuit rejuvenation

Artiste: tinsel teeth
Album: trash as the trophy

Artiste: tinsel teeth
Album: trash as the trophy
Label: load

Artiste: kimmo
Album: bolt and biscuit
Label: rejuvenation

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