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  EMISSION DU 14/09/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the buffets i'm a lie detector saucy jack damaged goods

2 naifu how to get married pieces of women puppy farm

3 enablers the destruction most of all tundra majic wallet

4 hey lover hey tb! hey lover hovercraft

5 russian circles harper lewis station suicide squeeze

5 my passion make me butterfly - style suicide

7 my passion die happy picnic - style suicide

7 my passion last day in paradise - style suicide

7 made out of babies bunny boots the ruiner the end

7 hey colossus grow still at last project: death jonson family

10 delilah kyrill ich bin mein zentrum trost

11 danny o´really - (untitled track #1) an evening with danny o'really solitude

11 blood on the wall hibernation liferz the social registry

11 31knots certificate worried well polyvinyl

11 enablers the achievement tundra majic wallet

11 labasheeda circle demo 2008 autoproduction

11 keiki ironing man waltham holy cross autoproduction

11 guapo jeweled turtle elixirs neurot

11 free kitten help me inherit ecstatic peace!

11 the magnetix get you you are the one, baby evilution

11 gura muchos machos muertos v/a: split cd w/ marsh harrier & airun seth autoproduction

12 pelican bliss in concrete city of echoes hydra head

12 enablers kosovo tundra majic wallet

12 sian alice group as the morning light 59.59 the social registry

Artiste: enablers
Album: tundra
Label: majic wallet


Artiste: my passion
Album: -
Label: style suicide
Track(s): make me butterfly / die happy picnic / last day in paradise

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