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  EMISSION DU 21/09/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 free kitten help me inherit ecstatic peace!

2 enablers the destruction most of all tundra majic wallet

3 cafeteria dance fever i don't wanna be a tenant farmer heck on earth hovercraft

4 doppler we are not sick... songs to defy sk

5 quiet enough the past factory ep autoproduction

5 cranes everywhere forever dedicated

7 cranes jewel forever dedicated

7 cranes adrift forever dedicated

7 don caballero bulk eye punkgasm relapse

7 dianogah qhnnnl qhnnnl southern

10 the black angels you on the run directions on how to see a ghost attic in the light

11 the plastic strawberries need stitches ready for... coma girl autoproduction

11 lite contra phantasia transduction

11 cafeteria dance fever the grim reaper adopted a cat skeleton heck on earth hovercraft

11 doppler 6 centimètres songs to defy sk

11 guapo arthur, elsie and frances elixirs neurot

11 blood on the wall hibernation liferz the social registry

11 hey lover let me kill an arab hey lover hovercraft

11 three second kiss you are the music long distance africantape

11 keiki bitchy ..10 pieces.. puppy farm

11 cafeteria dance fever bad eyelid day heck on earth hovercraft

12 doppler the coming out songs to defy sk

Artiste: cafeteria dance fever
Album: heck on earth
Label: hovercraft

Artiste: doppler
Album: songs to defy
Label: sk


Artiste: cranes
Album: forever
Label: dedicated
Track(s): everywhere / jewel / adrift


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