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  EMISSION DU 27/07/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 oxbow down a stair backward the narcotic story hydra head

2 free kitten elected girl inherit ecstatic peace!

3 mechanism for people maladjusted lines v/a: #1 kokalane

4 made out of babies bunny boots the ruiner the end

5 dianogah qhnnnl qhnnnl southern

5 sonic youth what a waste rather ripped geffen

7 31knots certificate worried well polyvinyl

7 the buffets i'm a lie detector saucy jack damaged goods

7 commodor don starsky driving out of focus distile

7 frank shinobi frank shinobi hôtesse de l'air ibonishkanrf s.a.m.

9 sian alice group as the morning light 59.59 the social registry

10 ada-nuki burzum ada-nuki whosbrain

10 the germans lalaliar elf shot lame witch autoproduction

10 the battle of land and sea saltwater queen the battle of land and sea notenuf

10 gâtechien jesus a perdu son lizard v/a: #1 kokalane

10 asva what you don't know is frontier what you don't know is frontier southern

10 the kills hook and line midnight boom domino

10 magic markers body rot boss ecstatic peace!

10 brian jonestown massacre who cares why my bloody underground a

10 fuck buttons bright tomorrow street horrrsing atp

10 blood on the wall the ditch liferz the social registry

11 the magnetix get you you are the one, baby evilution

11 ultraphallus where it grows the clever autoproduction

11 spinoza projet vacarme v/a: #1 kokalane

11 the black angels 18 years directions on how to see a ghost light in the attic

Artiste: gâtechien
Album: v/a: #1
Label: kokalane

Artiste: mechanism for people
Album: v/a: #1
Label: kokalane

Artiste: spinoza projet
Album: v/a: #1
Label: kokalane

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