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  EMISSION DU 16/10/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 man or astro-man? distant pulsar distant puslar chunklet industries

2 panic shack meal deal meal deal brace yourself

3 girls in synthesis swallowed pill the rest is distraction own it

4 meat wave merchandise mart malign hex big scary monsters

5 dottie thief thief autoproduction

6 winter crimson enclosure what kind of blue are you? bar/none

7 lowertown no way i love to die dirty hit

8 weeping icon pigs, shit & trash ocelli fire talk

9 play dead away from here mug cake blitzcat

10 roid rage incision incision autoproduction

11 sylvia telepathy sylvia autoproduction

12 plenamente profundidad sesion en robleestudio autoproduction

13 dry cleaning no decent shoes for rain stumpwork 4ad

14 lounge tourist esuna v/a: asbestos pence / lounge tourist split another rat

15 adolina vern imago araki

16 girls in synthesis cottage industry the rest is distraction own it

17 meat wave 10k malign hex big scary monsters

18 terminator in your beak placate boring flesh autoproduction

19 the oscillation high on desire (2005 mix) high on desire (2005 mix) autoproduction

20 taciturn roach roach ep autoproduction

21 strategy of tension the voice imitator 30-31b autoproduction

22 mal wrong time malbum ordovician

23 dead meadow the left hand path force form free blues funeral

24 white canyon & the 5th dimension as above, as below the mental universe/ as above, so below fuzzed up & astromoon

25 by thy the hand the trenches demo 2022 autoproduction

26 dernier zombie carnivale ep2 offoron

27 //less harmful harmful autoproduction

28 girls in synthesis licking bite the rest is distraction own it

29 meat wave jim´s teeth malign hex big scary monsters

Artiste: meat wave
Album: malign hex
Label: big scary monsters

Artiste: girls in synthesis
Album: the rest is distraction
Label: own it

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