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  EMISSION DU 09/10/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 aluminum red & gold windowpane ep dandy boy

2 the honeybuckets rename remodel rebuild destroy new old songs autoproduction

3 low hummer panic calls panic calls dance to the radio

4 venus twins falling on your own sword raxis softseed music

5 twin drugs eyelets & aglets in now less than ever crazysane

6 holy springs listen e.a.t. up in her room

7 phil & the tiles elixir phil & the tiles anti fade

8 sweaty palms vaseline the pursuit of novelty autoproduction

9 lebrique metro goat head trap autoproduction

10 humour pure misery pure misery ep so young

11 public body break from life break from life fat cat

12 füxa sun is shining covered in stars rocket

13 tvod alien alien autoproduction

14 netn panic netn autoproduction

15 venus twins don´t take fix (you are a skeleton) raxis softseed music

16 italia 90 leisure activities living human treasure brace yourself

17 revolverines saviour (demo) saviour (demo) autoproduction

18 inframell0w thousand gardens thousand gardens / sky lovers autoproduction

19 cowboyy gmaps gmaps nice swan

20 moreish idols hangar float speedy wunderground

21 fleuves noirs fesse noire respecte-toi kerviniou

22 canary man discarded function canary man -demo- autoproduction

23 staff party steam the end is nigh ep autoproduction

24 guppy lipshitz 777antasy gimmie gimmie gimmie zine

25 cocaine piss lalalala fuck me v/a: jauneorange - split single #6 (cocaine piss / oozing wound) jaune orange

26 venus twins light catches the rats raxis softseed music

27 just mustard rivers heart under partisan

Artiste: venus twins
Album: raxis
Label: softseed music

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