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  EMISSION DU 21/11/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 consumables 440hz already here autoproduction

2 nameless creations pain-powered machine pain-powered machine b/w things that serve autoproduction

3 pomelo validations validations autoproduction

4 sunset images monumento traumatismo nacional dirty filthy

5 horsegirl billy billy matador

6 sonic delays the city zoomer autoproduction

7 plot wit pro wir pro autoproduction

8 die! die! die! losing sight, keep on kicking this is not an island anymore autoproduction

9 murina stuff galore stuff galore muzai

10 just mustard i am you i am you partisan

11 güner künier party flexel mommys mistakes

11 misty & the slug better and worse wish bone autoproduction

12 al pacinos sister i can tell you´re not from round here wrong place, right time socks on

13 nicfit fuse fuse upset the rhythm

14 pomelo no suche solace validations autoproduction

15 sunset images voces oscurecidas traumatismo nacional dirty filthy

17 j.r.c.g. ajo sunshine ajo sunshine castle face

18 ellah a. thaun télépathine arcane majeur deux autoproduction

19 pinch points reasons to be anxious reasons to be anxious / boy autoproduction

20 life friends without name friends without name the liquid label

21 bysts garlands palace autoproduction

22 perennial tooth plus claw in the midnitght hour autoproduction

23 big heet 12 lines playing the bug living lost

24 blume just take in reverse autoproduction

25 loop halo sonancy cooking vinyl

26 st 37 over and over again over and over and over again pariah child

27 mononegatives my enemy frequencies rotating clockwise autoproduction

28 struggles with syntax ache station petrichor muzai

28 pomelo piss dancer validations autoproduction

29 sunset images caída traumatismo nacional dirty filthy

Artiste: pomelo
Album: validations
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: sunset images
Album: traumatismo nacional
Label: dirty filthy

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