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  EMISSION DU 14/11/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ioana iorgu i´m happy mean time autoproduction

2 success the fool first edition autoproduction

3 strangelight headache aesthetic the world needs laughter autoproduction

4 the great goddamn ye old rathshellar behaving poorly in well designed spaces autoproduction

5 jetstream pony seven days misplaced words spinout nuggets

6 artsick despise fingers crossed slumberland

7 english teacher good grief good grief nice swan

8 average life complaints precious pressures fish & chips ep disobedient

9 trupa trupa twitch b flat a glitterbeat

10 closed circuit cassettes flakey it´s garry shandling´s demo autoproduction

11 psychedelic mary song 3 the first experience: rat in a hat autoproduction

11 patoja 3hours v/a: fall 2021 z tapes

12 foxtails space orphan fawn skeletal lightning

13 liiek object deep pore adagio 830

14 occupants no grace no grace autoproduction

15 the great goddamn impossible imposter behaving poorly in well designed spaces autoproduction

17 feeble little horse chores hayday julia´s war

18 eurasia lost flower o autoproduction

19 clear history morsels bad advice good people upset the rhythm

20 emily flea never enough no room for you grow your own

21 white manna milk symposium first welcome cardinal fuzz

22 j.r.c.g. lowrider ajo sunshine castle face

23 gurtwyrm hey you mongrel autoproduction

24 fourth wife attic head fell between two horses culture vacuum

25 headworm tabula rasa sentient oscillator autoproduction

26 tammar all´s well that ends v/a: sentimental noise jagjaguwar

27 haaz maintainer andra p.o.g.o.

28 menk holod kamney ii (remastered) acid test

28 bedtimemagic pass out between the sheets forbidden place

29 the great goddamn american original behaving poorly in well designed spaces autoproduction

30 møtrik yellow moon møøn: the cosmic electrics of møtrik jealous butcher

Artiste: the great goddamn
Album: behaving poorly in well designed spaces
Label: autoproduction

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