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  EMISSION DU 21/02/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sun gimp greazor golden pussy club extreme ultimate

2 ashlee schatze millenial music why ep schatze

3 s:bahn sync or swim queen of diamonds polaks

4 brunsten no chance 1500 forbidden place

5 for food p k d in 1982 snow bubca

6 weird krishna delusion upplevelse autoproduction

7 opposite sex robotica high drama spik & span

8 has/will ranks of the soft harbinger of what autoproduction

9 scrounge leaking drains leaking drains fierce panda

10 the lounge society cain´s heresy silk for starving speedy wunderground

11 shiny times dark day dark day // everything is gray autoproduction

12 julian out there longing fire talk

13 feeling figures person of tomorrow feeling figures celluloid lunch

14 danes holymood molds autoproduction

15 brunsten dead in the water 1500 forbidden place

16 s:bahn breathe in deep queen of diamonds polaks

17 expert tour de farce philaxis autoproduction

18 maripool blindness blindness strong island

19 shapeshifter tea kettle acetone 4 pet hospital

20 wild combo big in brussels landlord speed record fur legge music group

21 eyecandy sandscraper supernova autoproduction

22 predator never anything before spiral unfolds total punk

23 the armed all futures ultrapop sargent house

24 jonnine can you get me there blue hills boomkat editions

25 ved the embrace of the oarfish ett visst fängelse rocket

26 purrses kill the neighbours wrong tide rockerill

27 loose articles buses up the disco dipped in gold

28 big scout mr. slice mr. slice provincial yaw

29 brunsten shake 1500 forbidden place

30 s:bahn touch queen of diamonds polaks

Artiste: brunsten
Album: 1500
Label: forbidden place

Artiste: s:bahn
Album: queen of diamonds
Label: polaks

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