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  EMISSION DU 14/02/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mitraille suicide brain schroothoofd ronny rex

2 psychiatric metaphors anxiety attack body snatchers acid on toast

3 wet specimen the fly wet dreamin´ autoproduction

4 frana let me write this down in my dontcarelendar disastersss antena krzyku

5 freddie´s world guerrero street walking home autoproduction

6 gaadge twenty-two yeah? crafted sounds

7 n. t. honey run away accidental punk sunreturn

8 voice imitator vetting the best plaza 12xu

9 the riot vans scotrail´s stealing all my money scotrail´s stealing all my money charlemagne

10 grandmas house always happy always happy / small talk brace yourself

11 d r o f decameron decameron autoproduction

11 venus in noise dream dream black kassidy production

12 sun gimp plague of sad golden pussy club extreme ultimate

13 dusty mush fried people modern alterations belly button

13 spodee boy rides again... rides again ep goodbye boozy

14 frana efty fringles disastersss antena krzyku

15 zinn wiederholung wiederholung numavi

17 she-dog deep in a mine deep in a mine autoproduction

18 silicon heartbeat things v/a: silicon heartbeat / zoids - acid hell split mimetics zine

19 fortezza over the moon windmill autoproduction

20 spread joy st. tropez st. tropez autoproduction

21 persona when a woman lives alone persona ep autoproduction

22 dry cleaning strong feelings new long leg 4ad

23 hello cosmos tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight dream harder cosmic glue

24 party dozen the worker the worker grupo

25 marteleur when you least expect it, demons from all sides arise in your mind, fighting rages and keep coming until deliverance and peace of your soul mercury demons storm the beach navalorama

26 floatie catch a good worm voyage out exploding in sound

27 petit bureau the tiny desk is weak the tiny desk is weak dushtu

28 urine hell souls of sailors demo n°1 autoproduction

28 frana sgt. popper disastersss antena krzyku

29 the gary info fallow sinkhole texas inc.

Artiste: frana
Album: disastersss
Label: antena krzyku

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