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  EMISSION DU 10/01/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 midnite snaxxx contact contamination contact contamination slovenly

2 haaz frame frame autoproduction

3 echoplain all eyes on me polaroid malibu atypeek music

4 lice imposter wasteland: what ails our people is clear settled law

5 suitor how do i know you´re there how do i know you´re there autoproduction

6 mimete milk & water milk & water autoproduction

7 la bise eversion stagnant motion abattoir

8 low moder crackle low moder autoproduction

9 mouthbreathe(r) the dead reckoning eat god, see acid plata o plomo

10 people soup wiping arse blues rosemary autoproduction

11 back teeth pink depression pink depression autoproduction

11 corpse factory florida florida autoproduction

12 cuckoo spit plush cuckoo spit demos autoproduction

13 straw man army the silver bridge age of exile d4mt labs inc.

13 echoplain watcha polaroid malibu atypeek music

14 lice deluge wasteland: what ails our people is clear settled law

15 modern hut silly and self-destructive i don´t want to get adjusted to this world don giovanni

17 wurld series nap gate whats´s growing meritorio

18 blanketman harold national trust pias

19 d.b.r. pay loafing autoproduction

20 beige banquet what is going on beta just step sideways

21 the telescopes strange waves songs of love and revolution tapete

22 kidmotor meets kraveet daus the world on fire kid motor meets kraveet daus vol.1 the world on fire autoproduction

23 lowlands manifesto manifesto/u.s.a. autoproduction

24 s:bahn we move queen of diamonds polaks

25 hypnodrone ensemble biglove gets polyamorous wolves and vibrancy

26 brain cave garbage time garbage time tiny god inc.

27 echoplain fade out polaroid malibu atypeek music

28 lice serata wasteland: what ails our people is clear settled law

Artiste: echoplain
Album: polaroid malibu
Label: atypeek music

Artiste: lice
Album: wasteland: what ails our people is clear
Label: settled law

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