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  EMISSION DU 03/01/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 era bleak mind control tower era bleak dirt cult

2 cool jerks tory paradise england night versus day

3 lamps dr magic people with faces in the red

4 stuck wrong question change is bad born yesterday

5 vacant gardens waves on waves under the bloom tall texan

6 gold cage shadows social crutch felte

7 shifting voted most popular it was good whosbrain

8 blacklisters white piano fantastic man a tant rêver du roi

9 par asito relativistic jets singularity dirty filthy

10 obey cobra sunflowers oblong autoproduction

11 a shape hush! iron pourpre atypeek music

11 lansanese sahur total anjink dugtrax

12 merisi sleeping world spires down autoproduction

13 vintage crop gridlock serve to serve again upset the rhythm

13 annabel lee never ever let the kid go luik

14 jetstream pony the very eyes of night jetstream pony shelflife

15 spyrodon time honoured lips medusa pond autoproduction

17 girls in synthesis coming up for air now here´s an echo from your future harbinger sound

18 metz no ceiling atlas vending sub pop

19 sooma alive it´s all about to change radicalis

20 radical kitten full circle silence is violence hidden bay

21 wax chattels no ties clot captured tracks

22 spectres choucoune asphyxiate repeat it´s never going to happen and this is why dark habits

23 swallow the rat shifting sand leaving room shifting sounds

24 super-x turn to black super-x spoilsport

25 peeling capricorn worshipper labyrinth

26 firefriend three dimensional sound glitch fantasma cardinal fuzz

27 dragon sky jam soft opening reefers

28 heads. loyalty push glitterhouse

28 we wild blood eat your tail vicious virtues hot fools

29 crowd of chairs at the door at dawn mod kid with dog sentimental

32 usa nails i don´t own anything character stop bigoût

33 flat worms wet concrete antartica drag city

34 sky furrows 36 ways of looking at a memory sky furrows tape drift

35 mooncult kiss me swallow the whole autoproduction

36 nest egg what!!??! i´m a bastard!!??! dislocation little cloud

37 radar men from the moon pleasure the bestial light fuzz club

38 other half trance state big twenty venn

39 repairs thanks for the advice repeat, repeat autoproduction

40 blue crime i´m afraid we became one i´m afraid we became one meduse magiq
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