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  EMISSION DU 11/10/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 home eviction short lived fulfillment short lived fulfillment autoproduction

2 alpha hopper the goods alpha hex index hex

3 gen pop bright light people ppm66 post present medium

4 idles war ultra mono partisan

5 sky furrows 36 ways of looking at a memory sky furrows tape drift

6 holy springs believe it? camera autoproduction

7 alien mustangs darklands beat of the earth cardinal fuzz

8 fetch! nadelhni se prachu semifinale silver rocket

9 strangelight effortless adult themes rad girlfriend

10 hoaries ungh rocker shocker reptilian

11 puff punch homebody can we go out now? autoproduction

11 cherry pickles things in the sky the juice that´s worth the squeeze pnkslm

12 warcake dear john the ember´s on us autoproduction

13 toru trotteur orlov toru jarane

13 idles ne touche pas moi ultra mono partisan

14 gen pop concrete ppm66 post present medium

15 kookaburra dacelo novaguineae dry eyes / white mice wagonmaniac

17 staffers pastor carson in the pigeon hole ever/never

18 the shifters left bereft left bereft captured tracks

19 church i think i´m losing my mind/stop the world i want to get off stop the world i want to get off polyscope

20 holy scum no doors shut fuck autoproduction

21 dataísmo raíz raíz autoproduction

22 deep tan deepfake deepfake practise music

23 djinns reunion - parts i & ii reunion autoproduction

24 mourn stay there self worth captured tracks

25 gen pop easy reprise ppm66 post present medium

26 idles danke ultra mono partisan

Artiste: idles
Album: ultra mono
Label: partisan

Artiste: gen pop
Album: ppm66
Label: post present medium

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