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  EMISSION DU 04/10/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 trophy grief unravelling young blood unravelling young blood autoproduction

2 billy carter don´t push me to love my enemy don´t push me electric muse

3 radical kitten sorry silence is violence hidden bay

4 metz blind youth industrial park atlas vending sub pop

5 cigarettes for breakfast breathe aphantasia autoproduction

6 dormition ruts untitled e.p. autoproduction

7 peeling suck worshipper labyrinth

8 lip commodity commodity autoproduction

9 warm red good picture taker decades of breakfast state laughter

10 trece actitud fatal la higiene humana san luis mierda y paranoia

11 suitor to water communion autoproduction

11 deerhoof love-lore (velvet undreground/laurie anderson) love-lore joyful noise

12 dummy pool dizzy ep2 born yesterday

13 spectres on nepotism it´s never going to happen and this is why dark habits

13 radical kitten i can´t deal silence is violence hidden bay

14 metz mirror atlas vending sub pop

15 the strangerz straight gay brother straight gay brother strange resolution

17 eggy johnny whoop bravo! spoilsport

18 the gotobeds sunny youth v/a: how the brands stack up sub pop

19 knowso sea of tranquility specialtronics green vision drunken sailor

20 enid pagliachi love in thetime of corona autoproduction

21 haaz same o haaz forbidden place

22 flavor crystals milkweed five autoproduction

23 modern stars jesus walks alone silver needles miacamerettta

24 vanishinglines ships no replacement found little cloud

25 drivel morning drive autoproduction

26 onoda praypreypray lands/islands cranes

27 rampressure r-prognosis r-progronis autoproduction

28 metz sugar pill atlas vending sub pop

28 radical kitten blind silence is violence hidden bay

Artiste: radical kitten
Album: silence is violence
Label: hidden bay

Artiste: metz
Album: atlas vending
Label: sub pop

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