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  EMISSION DU 14/06/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bleach boys yellow spirits yellow spirits autumnsongs

2 vintage crop gridlock serve to serve again upset the rhythm

3 heads. weather beaten push glitterhouse

4 coriky hard to explain coriky dischord

5 alien witch same thing everytime faggot love songs and other gospel hits autoproduction

6 bhajan bhoy cascade (featuring holly habstritt gaal) bless bless wormer bros.

7 public pleasure lower expectations swan / lower expectations autoproduction

8 repairs cut to the chase cut to the chase autoproduction

9 taschen menschen you gotta do what you gotta do taschen menschen autoproduction

10 watcher two cups punishment autoproduction

11 je suis animal sparkle spit painted in my face cloudberry

11 jane blanchard missing me still, again gerry loves

12 candace still phase ideal corners little cloud

13 needs feeding the mesolimbic dopamine reward circuit split snakehead

13 waltz red line waltz ep autoproduction

14 heads. nobody moves and everybody talks push glitterhouse

15 coriky have a cup of tea coriky dischord

17 moon cup picking fights moon cup autoproduction

18 dataísmo human body ctlr+c autoproduction

19 2 lost souls don´t you call it love don´t you call it love german shepherd

20 ditz role model 5 songs alcopop!

21 feral fat cop crash & burn ep big hoax

22 the tunnel nightfall the nightfall ep autoproduction

23 cosse the ground nothing belongs to anything a tant rêver du roi

24 seb brun koroll ar ker carton

25 goodbye bedouin pink the shaking people inner ear

26 mouthbreathe(r) doomride nobody runs it plata o plomo

27 lawyers jim crow 2.0 exorcisms are so lit autoproduction

28 coriky inauguration day coriky dischord

28 heads. loyalty push glitterhouse

Artiste: coriky
Album: coriky
Label: dischord

Artiste: heads.
Album: push
Label: glitterhouse

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