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  EMISSION DU 12/01/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the lovely eggs this decision i am moron egg

2 unbite ringo merge no

3 blood built empire the gun fractured autoproduction

4 facet class duck autoproduction

5 idi et amin echoed sleepily texas rose ¿por que no?

6 citrus clouds a pastel sky v/a: salina/citrus clouds split beauty full

7 sloome one bar blues smorgasbord autoproduction

8 lié digging in the desert you want it real mint

9 leep napoli elam melbo autoproduction

10 coughin vicars arachnid eyes post omission overtures casket

11 hyperdawn laugh and laugh bleach them there

11 hyperdawn plastic bleach them there

12 hyperdawn early hours bleach them there

13 terrible lovers shape and sand shape and sand autoproduction

13 facet touch duck autoproduction

14 mr wrong nuclear generation create a place water wing

15 k@ sexy motherfokker sexy motherfokker wagonmaniac

17 tawings invisible tawings awdr/lr2

18 yammerer yves head reality escape resort restless bear

19 pia fraus love sports empty parks seksound

20 house deposit cruise control reward for effort spoilsport

21 bruise bath the veil the leash, the lash the veil autoproduction

22 qujaku gloria in neutral so i buried

22 pega me so me that ficus focus autoproduction

23 editrix instant talk to me autoproduction

24 thee rise ov sadistic youth less sanguine endless keep saccharine underground

24 facet circle duck autoproduction

24 holy springs what i´m supposed to do what i´m supposed to do autoproduction

Artiste: facet
Album: duck
Label: autoproduction


Artiste: hyperdawn
Album: bleach
Label: them there
Track(s): laugh and laugh / plastic / early hours

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