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  EMISSION DU 05/01/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ogdens´ decay decay autoproduction

2 cat scan fax in nature volar

3 witching waves best of me persistence specialist subject

4 béton brut surface & structures - no colors yc-cy x-mist

5 fine china superbone tiny hole plagey geertruida

6 miët hibernation stumbling, climbing, nesting ici d´ailleurs...

7 von stroheim spit love? who gets love? uproar for veneration

8 trigger cut transfer buster autoproduction

9 cherry pickles let´s be bad cherry pickles will harden your nipples pnkslm

10 l´épée dreams diabolique a

11 pinch points shibboleth moving parts six tonnes de chair

11 peuk magpie peuk fons

12 rei clone lavender greetings from somewhere autoproduction

13 ceremony rise candy candy booking

13 penkowski e year please don´t call me human fiasko ltd.

14 mod vigil citizen snips automatic remorse fazmo

15 franck racket sick sad world screaming skull forbidden place

17 feels awful need post earth wichita

18 leggy my room let me know your moon sheer luck

19 hash redactor smx20 drecksound goner

20 the psychotic monks closure private meaning first vicious circle

21 acid barretts disintegrate sustain rooftop retouch

22 stellarium punkchet untitled independent release

22 big|brave muted shift space a gaze among them southern lord

23 tropical trash your place in the chain southern indiana drone footage national waste products

24 poutre bill murray last in first out rejuvenation

24 bulls strapped then we die autoproduction

24 drahla serenity useless coordinates captured tracks

24 human rites varanasi drivers birth autoproduction

24 the gluts swamp dengue fever hypnotic trip fuzz club

25 weeping icon control weeping icon fire talk

32 black beach luxury car tapeworm autoproduction

33 isolat junction in a daze isolat junction autoproduction

34 rev rev rev spots in a dice kykeon fuzz club
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