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  EMISSION DU 06/11/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 jimmy legs night in question bye guys autoproduction

2 mannequin pussy meatslave one romantic tiny engines

3 fake limbs murderbar matronly don giovanni

4 wtchs black actors she walks, she creeps sonic unyon

5 bone honey moon stop autoproduction

5 usa nails oven degreaser, lisa stuck for inspiration too pure

6 dead rabbits all your little lies everything is a lie fuzz club

6 the oscillation almost see v/a: the oscillation / 10000 russos - split single n°9 fuzz club

7 the suncharms one i see the suncharms cloudberry

8 the suncharms tranquil day the suncharms cloudberry

8 the suncharms she feels the suncharms cloudberry

8 slaves hypnotised take control virgin emi

8 animal lover dreamhouse stay alive forward

8 mind rays meat slurry v/a: mind rays / teen creeps split oddie

8 guili guili goulag nouvel ordre mondial moquette saint-arnoult 3018 cheap satanism

8 deerhoof plastic thrills the magic kythibong

9 fake limbs an incovenience matronly don giovanni

9 wtchs old crowns she walks, she creeps sonic unyon

9 mos generator you´ve got a right abyssinia listenable

10 grant national sheer beauty sheer beauty autoproduction

10 blurt my mother was a friend of an enemy of the people in berlin armageddon

11 the cult of dom keller astrum argenteum goodbye to the light fuzz club

11 zëro minimal men places where we go in dreams ici d´ailleurs...

11 hey colossus the drang rrr riot season

11 stearica geber fertile monotreme

11 dälek no question gutter tactics ernest jenning

11 radian git cut noise chimeric thrill jockey

11 tomaga questionable art in public spaces the shape of the dance hands in the dark

11 wtchs whitney at the riffle range she walks, she creeps sonic unyon

11 fake limbs room 141 matronly don giovanni

Artiste: fake limbs
Album: matronly
Label: don giovanni

Artiste: wtchs
Album: she walks, she creeps
Label: sonic unyon


Artiste: the suncharms
Album: the suncharms
Label: cloudberry
Track(s): one i see / tranquil day / she feels

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