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  EMISSION DU 14/02/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the beached kennedys vicking sandwich v/a: swamp donkey w/ the beached kennedy split happy wolves

2 trust punks leaving room for the lord double bind spunk

3 so pitted pay attention to me neo sub pop

4 sound sweet sound death is on the way sinner songs on movie scenes dead bees

5 wussy dropping houses forever sounds damnably

5 jessica93 uranus rise teenage menopause

6 maze a substance demo autoproduction

6 war hawk good jobs for bad people war hawk autoproduction

7 fast decay basements fast decay autoproduction

8 baby fire burning body, burning bed (demo) burning body, burning bed (demo) autoproduction

8 future of the left the limits of battleships the peace and truce of future of the left prescriptions

8 total victory atherton derby if you were there the total victory insurance claims unit

8 so pitted no nuke country neo sub pop

8 sound sweet sound justice sinner songs on movie scenes dead bees

8 the scrap dealers i lost my faith after a thousand blows jaune orange

8 the oscillation kissing the sun beyond the mirror all time low

9 helicon clusterfuck disturbance for the disturbed autoproduction

9 wooden indian burial ground crows wooden indian burial ground mon amie

9 night beats celebration #1 who sold my generation heavenly

9 throw down bones saturator throw down bones fuzz club

10 sound sweet sound holy songs sinner songs on movie scenes dead bees

10 so pitted the sickness neo sub pop

Artiste: sound sweet sound
Album: sinner songs on movie scenes
Label: dead bees

Artiste: so pitted
Album: neo
Label: sub pop

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