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  EMISSION DU 07/02/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 flat worms red hot sand red hot sand volar

2 tweaker sneakers evil tweaker sneakers autoproduction

3 split feet cat mug on secretaries´day shame parade accidental guest

4 the you and what army faction oblivion skater glum smash

5 rince-doigt couteaux crystal plinth autoproduction

5 blurt let them be! beneath discordant skies metadrone

6 milkk dadadada open signals cast no safe place

6 brainfreeze the horde nocebo canisay?

7 giant surprise weightless is failure an option? autoproduction

8 the altered hours silver leather in heat not sorry art for blind

8 freind chemtrails lemon ep autoproduction

8 the blind shake porto alegre live in san francisco castle face

8 j.c. satàn satan ii j.c. satàn born bad

8 moaning cities witches and dames pathways through the sail mottow soundz

8 telepathic animals drooplid flower power sunshower autoproduction

8 the you and what army faction shudder glum smash

8 split feet you´re a ghost shame parade accidental guest

9 jungbluth lokalkolorit lovecult autoproduction

9 bloodshot bill dark lonely street thunder and lightning norton

9 total victory holy cross national service tandori

9 gum takes tooth sex markings mirrors fold tigertrap

10 night beats the new world sonic bloom the reverberation appreciation society

10 saviours the beast remains palace of vision listenable

10 sasquatch money sasquatch small stone

10 rolo tomassi all that has gone before grievances holy roar

11 lydia lunch retrovirus the gospel singer retrovirus ugexplode

11 the you and what army faction another broken home glum smash

11 split feet selective mommery shame parade accidental guest

Artiste: split feet
Album: shame parade
Label: accidental guest

Artiste: the you and what army faction
Album: glum
Label: smash

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