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  EMISSION DU 20/10/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 swear jar picture locket v/a: knife the symphony/swear jar split phratry

2 pretty greens overtime ghost world ep watermelon scratch

3 plutonium baby fist of zen welcome to the weird world vida loca

4 destruction unit the world on drugs deep trip sacred bones

5 fuzz orchestra sangue morire per la patria cheap satanism

5 the invisible frog untitled (track #2) first draft autoproduction

6 jack buck proud mary soft autoproduction

6 stereolab orgiastic peng! too pure

6 stereolab enivrez-vous peng! too pure

6 stereolab stomach worm peng! too pure

8 puberty wounds west country nightmare strange edge autoproduction

8 parquet courts a borealis lit fjord light up gold what´s your rupture?

8 pins stay true girls like us bella union

8 plutonium baby takabam goes the beat! welcome to the weird world vida loca

8 destruction unit final flight deep trip sacred bones

8 white hills forever in space (enlightened) so you are... so you´ll be thrill jockey

8 holograms blaze on the hillside forever captured tracks

8 led er est kaiyo maru the diver sacred bones

8 linea aspera vultures linea aspear ii autoproduction

8 kiss the anus of the black cat the shadows are you weltuntergangsstimmung

9 föllakzoid 9 ii sacred bones

9 disappears era era kranky

9 shannon wright noise parade in film sound vicious circle

9 plutonium baby big mouth girl welcome to the weird world vida loca

9 destruction unit the church of jesus christ deep trip sacred bones

Artiste: destruction unit
Album: deep trip
Label: sacred bones

Artiste: plutonium baby
Album: welcome to the weird world
Label: vida loca


Artiste: stereolab
Album: peng!
Label: too pure
Track(s): orgiastic / enivrez-vous / stomach worm

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