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  EMISSION DU 13/10/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 tv ghost others will be born disconnect in the red

2 terry malts buy buy baby nobody realizes this is nowhere slumberland

3 hippy hippy lifestyle almost live autoproduction

4 the oscillation corridor (part 1) from tomorrow hands in the dark

5 white hills mist (winter) so you are... so you´ll be thrill jockey

5 enablers no, not gently blown realms and stalled explosions exile on mainstream

6 defeater dead set letters home bridge nine

6 happy families new forgetting new forgetting sonic cathedral

6 young husband dromes dromes sonic cathedral

6 hookworms the correspondent v/a: psych for sore eyes sonic cathedral

8 elephant rifle party child party child humaniterrorist

8 spray paint canadian trash spray paint s-s

8 r.seiliog ostisho doppler turnstile

8 the oscillation no place to go from tomorrow hands in the dark

8 hippy soho burns almost live autoproduction

8 knut dekompozition kknutll (k.k. null) alter hydra head

8 sofy major platini idolize solar flare

8 pigs at least it´s an ethos pt.1 you ruin everything solar flare

8 gondoliers rise girl rise citadel autoproduction

8 acid mothers temple & the melting paraiso u.f.o. theme from violence jack johnson sons of a bitches brew important

9 rien autobahn love 2 l´amical underground

9 jucifer evolution i: nomads there is no land beyond the volga nomadic fortress

9 dead neanderthals cubic aesthetics dead neanderthals bad shit

9 mombu seketet niger subsound

9 the oscillation all you want to be from tomorrow hands in the dark

9 hippy cat resort almost live autoproduction

Artiste: hippy
Album: almost live
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: the oscillation
Album: from tomorrow
Label: hands in the dark


Artiste: happy families
Album: new forgetting
Label: sonic cathedral
Track(s): new forgetting

Artiste: hookworms
Album: v/a: psych for sore eyes
Label: sonic cathedral
Track(s): the correspondent

Artiste: young husband
Album: dromes
Label: sonic cathedral
Track(s): dromes

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