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  EMISSION DU 17/03/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 georgette plana les papillons de nuit double gold/georgette plana bmg

2 jars cancer a moveable feast autoproduction

3 gangly youth terms of endearment v/a: the maharajah comission/gangly youth split 7" fruits & vegetables

4 cuntz homeless aloha homeless

5 grouper vital the man who died in his boat kranky

5 slowcoaches proper job v/a: the biweekly 5" pizza club art is hard

6 reiziger yuma kodiak station birch & broom

6 die! die! die! disappear here die! die! die! capital

6 die! die! die! promises promises promises promises s.a.f.

6 die! die! die! frame form flying nun

8 econo musta lammas musta lammas autoproduction

8 tropic of cancer wake the night i feel nothing sleeperhold publications

8 three second kiss mood red tastyville africantape

8 thee oh sees floating coffin floating coffin castle face

8 cuntz lost aloha homeless

8 faust kundalinis tremolos c´est com... com... compliqué bureau b

8 le corbeau black belvedere moth on the headlight fysisk format

8 gliss 29 acts of love devotion implosion cordless

8 electronicat hoo woo woo 21st century toy disko b

8 dirty beaches sweet 17 badlands zoo

9 division of laura lee 44 at the royal club arabesque

9 in-kata they are coming thanatopraxis autoproduction

9 thot rhythm.hope.answers we are the rhythm the hope and the answers white leaves music

9 cuntz mum aloha homeless

Artiste: cuntz
Album: aloha
Label: homeless


Artiste: die! die! die!
Album: die! die! die!
Label: capital
Track(s): disappear here

Artiste: die! die! die!
Album: form
Label: flying nun
Track(s): frame

Artiste: die! die! die!
Album: promises promises
Label: s.a.f.
Track(s): promises promises

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