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  EMISSION DU 10/03/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 nü sensae burnt masks sundowning suicide squeeze

2 sauna youth oh joel false jesii pt. ii static shock

3 tiger magic dys-/ u- crush on you sm musik

4 saaad hieronimus orbs & channels hands in the dark

5 the cherry wave blush blush wolf among wolves

5 the men electric new moon sacred bones

6 the breeders fortunately gone pod 4ad

6 the breeders only in 3´s pod 4ad

6 the breeders limehouse pod 4ad

6 tire-bouschtroumpf & schtroumpf-bouffon straight one tire-bouschtroumpf & schtroumpf-bouffon les disques claumer

8 30,000 monkies imperial staches somewhere over the painbow autoproduction

8 metz knife in the water metz sub pop

8 tiger magic back again crush on you sm musik

8 saaad potsdamer platz orbs & channels hands in the dark

8 siamese queens mona lisa the first siamese queens ep autoproduction

8 don vito webb2.0 iv tremor panda

8 omsq lost kingdom predict suite ep (split w/shkval) antée

8 long distance calling 359 avoid the light superball music

8 die! die! die! erase waves harmony golden antenna

8 mong dosus we are ready mong dosus autoproduction

9 child bite begin the hiss monomania joyful noise

9 hey colossus the drang rrr riot season

9 reiziger the welta my favourite everything stick sister

9 sightings debt depths through the panama load

9 zs mmwi (part 1) music of the modern white the social registry

9 tiger magic lost thoughts crush on you sm musik

9 saaad soft drug orbs & channels hands in the dark

Artiste: saaad
Album: orbs & channels
Label: hands in the dark

Artiste: tiger magic
Album: crush on you
Label: sm musik


Artiste: the breeders
Album: pod
Label: 4ad
Track(s): fortunately gone / only in 3´s / limehouse

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