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  EMISSION DU 16/01/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mean red spiders first and only still life fast moving clairecords

1 sianspheric audiphone the sound of the colour of the sun sonic unyon

1 the ex prism song turn ex

4 circus devils gargoyle city pinball mars fading captain series

5 girls against boys basstation you can't fight what you can't see jade tree

5 dinosaur jr gargoyle dinosaur homestead

6 dinosaur jr little fury things you're living all over me sst

6 dinosaur jr freak scene bug blast first

6 the fall middle mass / crap rap live in london 1980 - the legendary chaos tape (reissue 2004) castle

6 lovesliescrushing juhl voirshn projekt

8 skywave kill me dead synthstatic alison

8 the experimental tropic blues band dynamite boogie dynamite boogie jaune orange

8 ocre villa deriva twin powers ii (split album w/ ethyleen leiding) partycul systems

8 the ex in the event turn ex

8 next exit to nowhere a moment with me slow songs for a love dive interstellar

8 enablers pauly's days in cinema v/a: neurot recordings i swami

8 deerhoof holy night fever live: koalamagic dual plover

8 p.j. harvey cat on the wall uh huh her island

8 ikara colt i'm with stupid modern apprentice fantastic plastic

8 room 204 tureex trans panda effervescence

8 the ex henry k turn ex

Artiste: the ex
Album: turn
Label: ex


Artiste: dinosaur jr
Album: bug
Label: blast first
Track(s): freak scene

Artiste: dinosaur jr
Album: dinosaur
Label: homestead
Track(s): gargoyle

Artiste: dinosaur jr
Album: you're living all over me
Label: sst
Track(s): little fury things


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