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  EMISSION DU 09/01/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kaito shoot shoot you've seen us... you've must have seen us... fierce panda

1 air formation caught upon the waves stay inside / feel everything clairecords

1 hot snakes braintrust audit in progress swami

4 ocre villa deriva twin powers ii (split album w/ ethyleen leiding) partycul systems

5 the hospitals i say go the hospitals in the red

5 catherine wheel bill and ben ferment fontana

6 catherine wheel i confess chrome fontana

6 catherine wheel baloon baloon ep fontana

6 suicide rocket usa v/a: rough trade shops - rock and roll 1 mute

6 j. mascis + the fog more light v/a: rough trade shops - rock and roll 1 mute

8 gin palace kicking on kicking on artrocker

8 lovesliescrushing sovfx voirshn projekt

8 hot snakes audit in progress audit in progress swami

8 fly pan am pas à pas step until n'écoutez pas constellation

8 hazel winter going on dwop death row bride death row bride

8 mr airplane man wait for your love c'mon dj sympathy for the record industry

8 the experimental tropic blues band dynamite boogie dynamite boogie jaune orange

8 skywave angela's an angel synthstatic alison

8 the workhouse ricketts the end of the pier bearos

8 hot snakes plenty for all audit in progress swami

8 kaito a.s.a. to accuracy band red blast first

Artiste: hot snakes
Album: audit in progress
Label: swami


Artiste: catherine wheel
Album: baloon ep
Label: fontana
Track(s): baloon

Artiste: catherine wheel
Album: chrome
Label: fontana
Track(s): i confess

Artiste: catherine wheel
Album: ferment
Label: fontana
Track(s): bill and ben

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