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  EMISSION DU 11/05/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the fall wolf kidult man imperial wax solvent castle

2 the kills hook and line midnight boom domino

3 valet we went there naked acid kranky

4 marvin noise olympique marvin autoproduction

5 paramount styles hollywood tales 2 failure american style cycle

5 the pyramids white disc of sun the pyramids domino

6 the pyramids hunch your body, love somebody the pyramids domino

6 the pyramids guitar star the pyramids domino

6 edgar (animo) pas un geste tendre savane autoproduction

6 enablers five o' clock, sundays output negative space neurot

8 vale poher the copper ep#1 3x2 blog up musique

8 gregor samsa du meine leise rest own

8 quiet enough the past factory autoproduction

8 the intelligence moon beeps deuteronomy in the red

8 valet kehaar naked acid kranky

8 helluvah behind the screen emotion pills blog up musique

8 evangelista truth is dark like outer space hello, voyager constellation

8 the breeders walk it off mountain battles 4ad

8 clinic shopping bag do it! domino

8 ultraphallus where it fails the clever (pre-mastering version) autoproduction

8 l´enfance rouge ras el ahmar trapani - halq al waady wallace

9 valet streets naked acid kranky

Artiste: valet
Album: naked acid
Label: kranky


Artiste: the pyramids
Album: the pyramids
Label: domino
Track(s): white disc of sun / hunch your body, love somebody / guitar star

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