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  EMISSION DU 04/05/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 x-ray vision rollercoaster demo 07 autoproduction

2 evangelista smooth jazz hello, voyager constellation

3 the intelligence moon beeps deuteronomy in the red

4 l´enfance rouge otranto trapani - halq al waady wallace

5 clinic shopping bag do it! domino

5 enon those who don't blink grass geysers... carbon clouds touch and go

6 airiel cobalt winks & kisses: melted cdep clairecords

6 airiel airtight angels winks & kisses: melted cdep clairecords

6 airiel cinnamon winks & kisses: melted cdep clairecords

6 helluvah breathe in breathe out emotion pills blog up musique

8 ultraphallus where it grows the clever (pre-mastering version) autoproduction

8 archie bronson outfit got to get (your eyes) derdang derdang domino

8 blood red shoes doens't matter much box of secrets v2

8 explosions in the sky the birth and death of the day all of a sudden i miss everyone bella union

8 l´enfance rouge ana lastu amrikyyan trapani - halq al waady wallace

8 the intelligence the outer echelon deuteronomy in the red

8 stars of the lid tippy's demise and their refinement of the decline kranky

8 no age every artist needs a tragedy weirdo rippers fat cat

8 taïfun astounding silence v/a: linge propre entre amis program uno honest house

8 magik markers body rot boss ecstatic peace!

8 the fall wolf kidult man imperial wax solvent castle

9 plate six maximalist anthem battles hymns for a new republic one little indian

9 gregor samsa first mile, last mile rest own

9 prinzhorn dance school worker prinzhorn dance school dfa

9 l´enfance rouge terre d'élection trapani - halq al waady wallace

9 the intelligence the receptionist deuteronomy in the red

Artiste: the intelligence
Album: deuteronomy
Label: in the red

Artiste: l´enfance rouge
Album: trapani - halq al waady
Label: wallace


Artiste: airiel
Album: winks & kisses: melted cdep
Label: clairecords
Track(s): cobalt / airtight angels / cinnamon

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