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  EMISSION DU 13/11/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 amp get here us very friendly

1 bright channel final stretch bright channel flight approved

3 the dirtbombs headlights on if you don't already have a look in the red

4 explosions in the sky a song for our fathers how strange, innocence temporary residence limited

5 the keep aways file it away the keep aways chairkickers

5 amp stellata astralmoonbeamprojections kranky

6 amp ombres passé . présent enraptured

6 amp tango non stenorette kranky

6 liars hold hands and it will happen anyway they were wrong, so we drowned mute

6 hella drop diva church gone wild + chirpin hard suicide squeeze

8 constantines arizona constantines sub pop

8 ow bad fortune cookie / highway to shangri-la nowhere heavenhotel

8 the dirtbombs encrypted if you don't already have a look in the red

8 the duke spirit win your love cuts across the land loog

8 sleater-kinney the fox the woods sub pop

8 the willowz interpretations are coming sympathy for the record industry

8 the fall assume fall heads roll slogan

8 naifu violet naughty pony puppy farm

8 eau claire freefall eau claire clairecords

8 the dirtbombs trainwreck if you don't already have a look in the red

8 next exit to nowhere the man who slowly walks on the bridge ego to echoes interstellar

Artiste: the dirtbombs
Album: if you don't already have a look
Label: in the red


Artiste: amp
Album: passé . présent
Label: enraptured
Track(s): ombres

Artiste: amp
Album: astralmoonbeamprojections
Label: kranky
Track(s): stellata

Artiste: amp
Album: stenorette
Label: kranky
Track(s): tango non

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